Tips and Strategies for the Health & Wellness of

Prairie Land Communities

When stress and challenges begin to pile up, it can be difficult to navigate where to go to obtain assistance. The Family Resource team hope's to inform and support our communities in the best possible way. This web-page was curated to allow easy access for community members to obtain relevant mental health information and resources. The majority of the resources located on this site will best support families residing in the Prairie Land Public School Division area. Some resources pertain to all Canadians, while other resources are good 'food for thought' for any individual looking for mental health material. If there is something you are looking for that is not found on this website, please reach out by calling or emailing your local Family Resource Worker. We will be sure to point you in the right direction to access the support(s) you need.

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Local School PLRD Family Resource Program

Altario School

Grade K - 12

(403) 552-2290 or

(403) 577-0300

Berry Creek Community School,


Grade 1-12

(844) 566-3742

Delia School

Grade K - 12

(403) 364-3777 ext. 4120

Consort School

Grade K - 12

(403) 577-0300

Morrin School

Grade K - 12

(403) 772-3838 ext. 7217

J.C.Charyk Hanna

Grade 7 -12

(403) 854-4874

J.C.Charyk Hanna

Grade K -6

(403) 854-3642 ext. 6141

Veteran School

Grade K-9

(403) 575-2290

Youngstown (Grade K - 12)

(403) 779-3822

Togetherall | Virtual Mental Health

Introducing Togetherall: An online peer-to-peer mental health community available free to Albertans! Togetherall is a free online community, available to all 16+ Albertans. The community is a safe place to support your mental health 24/7. Service provided by the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Togertherall website

Depression Assessment tool:

Interactive tool can help you assess your symptoms and find out if you might have depression.

Click Here

ALL resources can be found on the Archive page. Resources are filed based on the date they are uploaded.